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June 28, 20210

Every athlete has that story of how one coach or one friend really helped push them to achieve their dreams and do what they didn’t think was possible. The beautiful thing about sports is that it can be used as a vessel to inspire those around you, whether you’re a teammate, coach, or just a spectator, there’s always something about sports that helps you find inspiration and drive. One person in the NVA that is pushing to inspire the youth around him is Team Freedom’s founder and owner, Justin Beaumont. Justin is the owner of Sideout Sports, a volleyball club based out of New Jersey that has both girls and boys youth teams. To be the exceptional athlete that most kids inspire to be, it takes a man who understands that direction and understands the process of getting better to succeed at the next level. Justin said “My goal is to really push these kids past their limits and help them realize the potential that each one of them have.”

Although spectators of sports are only able to see what goes on during the game, they don’t get the chance to experience the beauty of what happens off of the court when it comes to lessons learned from playing sports. “One thing I love about being involved in youth sports is watching these kids use the lessons they learn off the court, off of the court.” It is clear to most people that for Justin Beaumont, youth sports isn’t really about the sport at all, but finding ways to use sports to teach life lessons that these kids can carry on for the rest of their lives. “You can learn so much from playing a sport, such as how to deal with adversity, how to work with a team, and ultimately how to lead and inspire others. If I can just influence one kid to be the best they can be, that becomes contagious and it pushes other kids. I love seeing these kids grow.” 

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