MiscSports Resume in New Jersey

September 16, 20200

Now seven months into quarantine in the U.S., states are slowly starting to lift certain restrictions, allowing businesses, schools, and sports gyms to open again. Sadly, many leagues within the NCAA have either canceled or postponed their seasons for Fall sports despite the reopening process. One such conference is the New Jersey Athletic Conference. As many athletes would love to get back to competing, schools still need to take precautions not to have large crowds at sporting events. 

Fortunately, the state of New Jersey has allowed indoor practices for medium-risk sports such as volleyball. Team Freedom has started to return to the gym after conversations with the government about protocols necessary to ensure the health and safety of our players, coaches, and team personnel. These protocols have included ensuring our facilities have proper sanitation and hygiene practices when our team is conducting training sessions. With NVA season looking to start up again in November, we’re excited to get the guys back up to speed and play again for our fans!

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