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September 5, 20200

This Monday, the United States will celebrate Labor Day all across the nation. We celebrate workers’ strengths and achievements that have laid the foundation for our country’s success. Team Freedom would like to thank all laborers whose hard work makes it possible for our players to get on the court every day and compete at our best. 


A HUGE thank you to:


Agricultural workers whose hard work makes the tons of food that keep us fueled and running at our best.


All the Food Service workers who have kept all of our families awake and fed while they cheered us on at 6 am during weekend tournaments.


Janitors who have always cleaned up after messy fans and kept our floors nice and clean, so we don’t slip. And who now keep our gyms sanitized and supervised, making sure we all are safe from COVID-19.


Factory workers who make our net equipment, volleyballs, shoes, and jerseys, giving us the tools and means to play the sport we love.


Construction workers who have built our gyms give us a safe place to play the sport we love and distinguish Indoor from Beach Volleyball.


Bus Drivers who have always made sure we got to our games on time from high school matches, weekend college travel matches, and national tournaments.


For all other workers, we still appreciate everything you do for our lives outside of the sport; you truly embody the American spirit.


Today we hope you can really sit back and take a minute to relax and enjoy the day; YOU DESERVE IT! Once our season is back in full swing, we can’t wait to be working with you all again. We hope you’ll come to watch our games while we give you some fun and excitement on your days off. Once again…HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!

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