SponsorsA Thank You to Our Sponsor Pit Viper

April 13, 20210

Have you ever wanted to go fast? Like not cruising down the freeway at 80mph fast, we’re talking really freaking fast. So fast NASCAR drivers are going to turn their heads as you speed by on a road bike at 150mph fast. Then you need to get yourself a pair of Pit Vipers, the official sunglass sponsor that is built for going fast. Us at Team Freedom would just like to say thank you to our sponsor Pit Viper for their continued support over the years. Pit Vipers are different than most sunglasses as they boast the loudness of their throwback design and style. Pit Vipers specialize in making sunglasses meant for all outdoor activities, and look even cooler when you’re doing extreme sport activities such as skiing, snowboarding, biking, and dirt biking. One particular use that they are good for is beach volleyball, especially with the adjustable sides and side blockers, they allow you to focus on your game while your opponent’s focus on your sweet shades. Once again, thank you to Pit Vipers, and we thank you for your continued support and hope you guys go fast forever.

Head over to www.pitvipersunglasses.com if you want to go fast.

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